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Su Jeong Lim fighting some hot Czech chick on Nov 27th

Su Jeong Lim fighting some hot Czech chick on Nov 27th

When I lived in Europe I used to date this hot Czech chick named Tereza. Actually we just went hiking once and at some party she shared her beer with me. It was a pretty one-sided relationship: me with my superfluous fantasies and her with…her French boyfriend. Things really didn’t go as planned. I think somewhere along the line I told her she was related to Zangief and she took offense to that. In retrospect, I should have never compared her to an original character off of the Street Fighter 2 franchise. Props to Capcom for the swing and the miss. 

Su Jeong Lim’s opponent in Korea’s ‘The Kahn 2‘ is equally as hot and consequently equally not into me. She doesn’t know I exist, but if she did she really wouldn’t care. Our buds at NightmareofBattle broke the story earlier this month that both chicks will be competing in a 4-women one-night tournament held November 27th at The Kahn’s second event (appropriately named ‘The Kahn 2’). We don’t know the name of the hot Czech chick Su Jeong Lim will be facing but we do know from the looks of that picture that she’s fed up with your BS. Su Jeong Lim (or Lim Su Jeong depending on what side of the planet you were born on) is pretty smoking hot herself.

If you’re not familiar with Su Jeong Lim then you’re obviously not an avid taekwondo fan like that kid you used to make fun of in 7th grade (who could probably own you now). She grabbed gold in taekwondo at the 2008 Bejing Olympics and just a few weeks ago she defeated China’s Zhang Hua to yank another gold medal in the 2009 World Taekwondo Championships (held in the taekwondo hotbed of the world…Copenhagen, Denmark). In a week, Su Jeong Lim will be making her MMA debut against unknown super-hot Czech chick. The winner? Every guy that gets to see this fight live. [Source]

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