Sean Strickland Directs Heated Rant Towards Fans on Social Media: “I would smack you in the f*cking face”

Sean Strickland is telling fight fans that he would beat them up if they attempted to disagree with him to his face in regards to a viral training video

Image of Sean Strickland via Twitter
Image of Sean Strickland via Twitter

UFC fighter Sean Strickland is beginning to build a reputation for being a hothead in the sport. Recently, Stickland was shown to be visibly upset at his training partners under the belief that they were throwing “dirty” shots. Now, Strickland has gone on a rant in response to the video, offering to fight combat sports fans from the internet. 

Assessing the Sean Strickland Training Video

As stated, many fans couldn’t determine if the move in the training footage was considered “dirty.” His training partner, Orlando Sanchez, appeared to be baffled at the reaction of Stickland in regards to their training.

In the video, Sanchez put Strickland was shown grappling with Abu Dhabi Combat Club champion Orlando Sanchez. Both men engaged in a fierce grappling exchange. However, things began to escalate once Sanchez seemed to attempt an armbar on Sean. 

Strickland was distraught, screaming obscenities at Sanchez in the video. His claim was the belief that Orlando was attempting to injure him. Significantly ahead of his fight against Uriah Hall on August 7, 2021, at UFC 265.

Strickland Sounds Off at Fans

In reaction to the video, fans sounded off, mostly saying that Strickland was overreacting to the grappling session. Subsequently, that notion upset Sean, who then aimed at the fans on his Instagram page.

“Listen, you guys running your f*cking mouth, if you were to see me in person and come say that sh*t to me, I would smack you in the f*cking face,” he said.

“Let’s say you’re not cool like Orlando, let’s say you’re a d*ck, and you get mad, and you put your hands up, not like Orlando, I would continue to hit you in the f*cking face.”

Who do fans of the sport believe was in the wrong? Usually, fighters aren’t keen on particular training methods while they’re in the middle of a camp. Taking a shot at fans on social media is typically the recipe for a promotional disaster in a fighter’s career. Against the internet, chances are the fans will never lose.

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