Beef Alert: Stipe Miocic says Colby Covington said something about his wife, they need to chat

Beef Alert Stipe Miocic Colby Covington Wife

Just a head’s up, this is may be the worst Stipe Miocic interview ever.

This is no diss to Stipe, even though he did tap that one time, but this interviewer has no idea what the hell he’s talking about. So cringe worthy on every single question and interaction with the UFC’s heavyweight champion.

Henry Cejudo think this interview went perfectly.

Getting past the absolutely awful questions and banter, Stipe Miocic comes off pretty good here. Then, again because this is a horrible interview, the name Colby Covington comes up.

If asking about 9/11, joking Stipe wife’s cheated on him, asking if he hates all Serbians, wasn’t bad enough, this interviewer tried to shoehorn a question about Colby Covington into the chat.

“Yeah I’m not going to talk…I’m upset with that kid. He was saying stuff to my wife. Yeah, after my fight. We’re going to have to talk to him about that. I’m not trying to start anything here, I’m just saying just a normal conversation. I’m going to go out and take his head off. Just want to talk to him normal.”

I don’t know, my wife was walking to me in the cage and I guess he was saying something to her. And my manger being the man he is, told him to shut the **** up and to this day my manager won’t tell me what he said. I’m going to find out. I’m very good, I’m like the FBI. I will find out what he said and I am going to go up to him and talk about it.”

Oh for Christ’s sake, did the interviewer grab his pearls at the first hint of fighter drama. You know those MMA fighters, always beating each other up outside the cage.


Stipe Miocic.



But at least MiddleEasy may get to see Stipe Miocic chuck a boomerang/pizza pie/fire hose at the dome of Colby Covington one day.

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