Steven Soderbergh says Gina Carano ‘scared off’ her male co-stars

Gina Carano on the set of Steven Soderbergh’s new spy-thriller film ‘Knockout’ just makes you want throw your monitor through your window and walk out of your cubicle. Granted, if you’re in a cubicle, your only option would be to throw your monitor at that dude across from you that plays his music way too loud.

Carano was inspired to train in MMA by drinking a 40oz of Olde English. Story goes that her and her ex-boyfriend were sitting in his parents house throwing back 40 ounces of Olde English and her boyfriend was talking to his dad about MMA and telling him he could do it. His dad said it would be impossible for him to do anything with a 40oz in his hand (which is not true, I’ve stolen golf carts and nearly saved the world with a 40oz in my hand). So he put it down, started training and stopped drinking for an entire year. Apparently he’s an instructor somewhere and will regret the day he broke up with her for the rest of his life.

After seeing her boyfriend train, Gina was somewhat inspired to do the same thing. Gina says she really got into the sport after a Thai Master called her ‘fat’. If I ever called my ex-girlfriend fat, it would have probably resulted in a stainless steel wok slammed against my head (it’s happened before). Apparently when you’re a Thai master, you can call a chick anything and get away with it. Maybe ‘fat’ in Thai means ‘You’re a hot chick and need to train in MMA’.

Apparently on the set of Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming film, Carano was so appealing and kinetically violent that she scared away her male co-stars according to an article from The Film Stage.

When it comes to Haywire, the director confirmed himself that it’ll be in theaters on April 22nd of this year. He shared the pretty funny note that the film’s star Gina Carano, an MMA fighter herself, scared off some male stars as they apparently weren’t comfortable with the idea of being beaten up by a woman onscreen. There’s just something that makes me chuckle about the apparent gender politics that are still apparent in Hollywood today, despite many advancements being made in that department over the past few years. For fans of action set-pieces, they may be interested to know that there’s a “hotel suite sequence” that the director describes as “fun.”

Whenever Carano appears on the big screen, I predict the average temperature of every movie theater in America will raise just a little. Gina Carano may contribute to global warming, and I’m alright with it. Screw the environment. You don’t have to sell me on Gina Carano. She could swim in a jar of mustard for 2 hours and I’m going to watch it. Score for all sexually repressed guys everywhere. [Source]

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