Steven Seagal says he’s training other Blackhouse MMA fighters but it’s a secret

Steven Seagal sure does take this secret stuff seriously. When he has a secret he is very particular about the select few people he shares information with. Luckily, all of us are on his very exclusive list of trustworthy secret keepers. Only the very best make it on this list. I can guarantee there are no six year olds on this list because six year olds are horrible secret keepers. They tell everything. I know this one six year old, who walked in and told my old boss that his Mom thinks he looks like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. Way to go, kid. Thanks a bunch.

Luckily, we aren’t like six year olds and we met the one very important requirement to make the Steven Seagal secret keeper list by simply reading coming across a Fighters Only magazine article about an interview he did with UOL Esportes. Amazing. In this super secret revelaing interview he tells Fighters Only that he in fact is still training with Machida and Silva and some other Blackhouse MMA fighters:

“I’m training other types of kicks, knees, elbows and strikes with them and I am also training their footwork. You have to wait for the new things which we’re working out…I’m teaching other fighters but it is something secret.”

So now that Machida and Silva have both won and are crediting Seagal with helping them perfect their fight winning similar but different front kick techniques, we all just have to wait and see who from Blackhouse will be next to use a Seagal move.  Maybe it won’t be a kick at all this time, but instead a debilitating thumb grab style takedown. [source]


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