Stephen Thompson Wants To Ban Sidekicks To Knee After Damaging MCL Against Darren Till

There has been a trend in MMA for fighters to throw leg strikes aimed directly at their opponents’ knees. Most noticeably, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and legendary Anderson Silva are employing this dangerous tactic. Two-Time UFC welterweight title challenger, Stephen Thompson who injured his knee during his fight against Darren Till in the second round of the UFC Liverpool main event. ‘Wonderboy,’ says a sidekick landed by Till completely shattered his knee, and he was not the same the rest of the fight.

Thompson believes the sidekicks to the knee should be ban from the competition. Those sidekicks can end a career and cripple a person. ‘Wonderboy’ who is out of training for eight weeks and felt Liverpudlian was deceptively trying to cause an injury during the fight. (Via MMAMania)

“You know I tore my MCL in the fight with Till,” Thompson told BJ’s Chris Taylor in a recent interview. “We did an MRI and thankfully nothing else was damaged. No surgery is required for this injury but I have to give it at least eight weeks to heal properly before I can get back to training.

“I honestly think that strike should be made illegal,” the former welterweight title challenger continued. “It could end somebody’s career. You know Robert Whittaker had to have ACL surgery following his first fight with Yoel Romero due to that particular strike. And as you could see, Robert Whittaker made sure to beat Yoel Romero to the punch in their second fight. He threw a lot more than he did this time around. It is just a very dangerous technique. I think a lot of fighters throw that strike but sometimes it is for different reasons. When I fought Jorge Masvidal he used that same side kick to the knee. But when Jorge threw it, he was doing so just to keep me away. Not in an attempt to injure my knee. But when I was in the cage fighting Till it felt like ok this guy is trying to break my leg. It was like he had intentions of ripping everything out in my knee. That’s how I felt anyway. Like this dude is really trying to injure me in here. I think it an ugly strike and that it should be made illegal.”

We have seen the same situation at recent UFC 225 Pay-Per-View event where middleweight champion Robert Whittaker side kicked Yoel Romero’s knee repeatedly (hey ‘The Soldier of God’s’ did the same technique during their first fight where Whittaker suffered grade two medial ligament injury) in their back-and-forth five-round war, Whittaker ended up won the bout. However, there has been no report if Romero receives any injury recently.

It’s highly unlikely Thompson will get his wish fulfilled by UFC but if other fighters bring this case up anything is possible. Thompson now dropped two places to No. 3.

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