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Stephan Bonnar proved why no one should bet against a guy that Jon Jones couldn’t finish

Stephan Bonnar proved why no one should bet against a guy that Jon Jones couldn’t finish

The fight began with Stephan Bonnar mean-mugging half of San Jose. Actually the fight began with Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell dancing to Kyle Kingsbury’s walkout music. It was cute and attractive. It made me want to stand up in press row and shake my butt. There’s no unwritten rule against it, but I just didn’t find Kingsbury’s walkout music funky enough to move my body to.

If you bet on UFC 139, then chances are you dropped cash that Kyle Kingsbury would dominate Stephan Bonnar. You even saw that MMAHeat video of Kingsbury being interviewed while nearly nude and thought, ‘that’s the guy who will bring my bank account out of the negative.’ Well, you’re wrong. Horribly wrong. Get used to those overdraft fees, because you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of them now that Stephan Bonnar just defeated Kyle Kingsbury. He even managed to get a 30-25 score from one of the judges at the HP Pavilion.

After the bout, Bonnar got on stage (among a blitzkrieg of boos) and officially apologized to Josh Koscheck for making shirts with his image and selling them online. Apparently at first, Bonnar had every intention to call out Koscheck, but at the end he had a change of heart and claimed that Josh taught him a ‘valuable lesson.’ Only in MMA, folks.

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