Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin discuss Bonnar’s Anderson Silva situation over tea and lemon water

I don’t want an Anderson Silva situation, ever. I don’t want a yellow and black cloud hovering above me, the sound of buzzing and Ain’t No Sunshine echoing from it. No, the thought of Anderson Silva being paid money to beat me up in front of his adoring Brazilian fans with the added motivation of an impending retirement would be too much for roughly 6,973,738,432 people on this planet (source of the Earth’s population is estimated by the World Bank but the United States Census Bureau has it over seven billion). Luckily for the world, there is Stephan Bonnar, a guy who has entered into a strange and somewhat disturbing calmness before he steps into the cage with Anderson Silva in a few short days.

Bonnar, being the consummate professional that he is, has sought the advice of a man who he has shared blood, sweat and tears with. A man who has faced Anderson Silva, and can share intimate details of what it’s like to be inside the Octagon with the GOAT. A man, named Forrest Griffin.

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