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Steam is coming to PS3 with Portal 2!

Steam is coming to PS3 with Portal 2!

It’s time to start thinking in portals again, Gabe Newell and Valve are back with yet another game that is not titled Half Life 2 episode 3. Granted we are still in the Half Life universe and who knows what easter eggs Valve has up their sleeve for their puzzler sequel, but I guess I just want to have my cake and I want to eat it, even if it is a lie. Making a stark 180 from calling Sony’s PS3 ‘a waste of time’, Valve head honcho Gabe Newell has made good on his promise of PS3’s Portal 2 being the best version. Guess what? PS3 gets Steam and cross platform play, meaning you can get owned by PC/Mac keyboard and mouse players as you use your dinky analog sticks. That’s not all, the PS3 version will also come with the PC version of the game! Oh Valve, you’re so generous.

“PS3 gamers will be able to simply drop the Blu-ray disc in the PS3, link to their Steam account from inside the game, and all their Steam friends (on PC and Mac) will be visible and accessible for chat and game invites.”

“…expand upon the foundation being laid in Portal 2 with more Steam features and functionality in DLC and future content releases.”

Sweet, does this mean some Left 4 Dead is on the horizon for PS3 owners? What does EA have to do with this? EA publishes for Valve.


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