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Start off your Sunday morning with a floppy arm from Bitetti Combat

Start off your Sunday morning with a floppy arm from Bitetti Combat

Pfft, you think we have a performance enhancing drug problem in sports now? Just wait until were are in the near future of Detroit’s athletic commission, when crime is rampant and only a Robocop can protect the streets. That’s when we will be dealing with not only cybernetic enhancements to the human race, but nuke, the designer drug plaguing the United States with a hiss of euphoria. For those not in the know, nuke leaves people in a state of near invulnerability, which bodes horribly for future MMA fighters. What will happen when nuke metabolites are found in the bloodstream of MMA fighters? They will be banned appropriately obviously, then they will be used to track down the drug kingpin Cain.

Thank god we don’t have to worry about nuke for a few more years, and we can enjoy this clean kimura arm snap from Bitetti Combat between Duda Yankovich (no relation to Al) and Daniela Cristina knowing that it was pure.

For best results, start the video at 10:20.

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