Stanislav Nedkov will have to wait just a little longer to make his UFC debut

Stanislav Nedkov is your favorite undefeated Bulgarian fighter that you’ve never heard of. Unless you caught ‘Shooto – Bulgaria’ or a few of the Sengoku shows from last year, then you’ve never heard of the 28-year-old that has been rapidly approaching ‘Frate Trane’ status ever since he outwrestled Kevin Randleman at Sengoku 11. Granted, it was a very close decision, but what some fail to realize is that a guy from Bulgaria outwrestled a two time Division I NCAA Champion from Ohio State University as well as the former UFC heavyweight champion. When’s the last time you’ve defeated Kevin Randleman at — anything? Exactly.

At one point, Stanislav Nedkov was pinned to be King Mo’s next opponent after he claimed the Strikeforce light heavyweight belt from Gegard Mousasi. I once had a conversation with Mo about Nedkov and it ended with ‘Yeah, I know all those Bulgarian wrestlers’. King Mo is right. The guy knows entirely too much about wrestling and Cuban boxing. You could extract Mo’s frontal lobe and squeeze out random wrestling facts for the rest of your life. You can also squeeze King Mo’s frontal lobe into a coffee mug and make ‘Wrestlejuice’. It’s similar to Rawesomeade, but without the sarcastic after taste.

Nedkov was scheduled to make his UFC debut at UFC 117 against Rodney Wallace. Everything was great until Nedkov suffered a nasty injury in preparation for the bout. He was forced to drop out and Phil Davis took his place. Phil went on to grab a unanimous decision and essentially kicked Wallace out of the organization. As Gus Johnson would say, ‘sometimes these things happen in MMA’. Joe Silva slated Stanislav Nedkov to bang against Steve Cantwell at UFC 120. Bulgarians reunited, threw little Bulgarian parties with Bulgarian Bud Light and did Bulgarian keg stands out of little Bulgarian kegs. The universe was great for Nedkov, until just about five hours ago when Steve Cantwell suffered a knee injury and was forced out of tomorrow’s UFC 120. Since it’s virtually impossible to find a replacement in such short notice (just ask Affliction), Nedkov was removed from the card and will be pinned to fight in a future event, most likely sometime in 2011. Bummer for Stanislav Nedkov. Now maybe we can get a little Phil Davis vs. Stanislav Nedkov in a battle of two undefeated wrestlers that love to wear brightly colored shorts. [Source]

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