MMA Twitter Reacts to Georges St Pierre Statue Unveiled at “Place GSP”

MMA Twitter pulled no punches once Georges St Pierre had a statue unveiled in his hometown in Canada, which looked like someone else

Georges St Pierre statue via Twitter
Georges St Pierre statue via Twitter

Athlete statues tell a historical story in the timeline of sports. So, it’s crucial that when a figure is built for an athlete, the appropriate amount of time and craftsmanship is allotted to tell the story correctly. In Georges St Pierre’s case, his new statue’s craftsmanship raised eyebrows with MMA Twitter, as the structure looks like another famous face. 

Georges is often regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. Many fans have him on Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, he wasn’t always viewed through that lens. And, he had to earn everything from the UFC that he’s been given. But, he built the legacy necessary to make him the honors to be cemented in the sport’s history.

St Pierre Statue Revealed

During the UFC 249 broadcast, there was a stop to announce that St Pierre would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. UFC’s Canadian Twitter account recently revealed a statue made to honor St Pierre. 

“Honouring a Canadian sport icon! Georges St Pierre’s hometown of Saint-Isidore today unveiled Place GSP, a tribute to his legendary mixed martial arts career (photos via Mélanie Crête),” wrote the account.

Shortly after, Twitter had a field day with the reveal. From the hair to the shorts, everyone had something to say about GSP’s statue. But, the common theme of the figure is that it looked more like former US President Barack Obama than it does GSP. Ouch.

The jokes about the statue never stopped. They’re still going on right now. Nonetheless, Georges deserves the statue.

GSP’s Accolades

GSP is a two-division champion in the UFC, having won titles in the welterweight and middleweight divisions. He also has the second most amount of UFC wins in title fights with 13. Furthermore, St Pierre has the most wins by decision in UFC history with 12 and the most takedowns in UFC history with 90.

Even if his statue looks like Barack Obama

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