SSX returns from it’s slumber with SSX: Deadly Descents!

The year was 2000. The Y2k scare was behind us and we were alive and ready for the next generation of gaming. The Dreamcast made a decent splash the previous year, but it wasn’t until October of 2000 when the PS2 with it’s DVD playback capabilities took the gaming world by storm. The launch titles were the usual suspects, most weren’t worth checking out (X-Squad cough X-Squad) but 2 EA games stood out from the crowd: (and Timesplitters) Madden 2001 and SSX. Combining combos and over the top action with breathtaking for the time graphics and blazing speed, SSX was the game of choice that winter break. Now, a few sequels later, some good, some bad, SSX looks to be returning from it’s 4 year slumber, 6 years if you don’t count the Wii only SSX blur (which I don’t). Death defying snowboarding thrills will be in our warm living rooms soon enough in all of their high definition glory. So sit tight and check out the trailer for SSX: Deadly Descents.

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