Spotify Employees Threaten Strike if Joe Rogan Experience Isn’t Censored

Fans of the JRE will be disappointed to hear that Spotify employees want to go on strike if the show isn't censored on digital service provider Spotify.

Screenshot of Joe Rogan via Youtube
Screenshot of Joe Rogan via Youtube

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast made the move earlier this year to stream exclusively on Spotify. As one of the biggest podcasts on Earth, it simply seemed right that Spotify would dive in and place exclusivity on the massive entity. Especially with all the absorbing business that that company has been doing lately. At first, the company was exclusively a digital service provider for music. But, now the company is home to a massive library of podcasts.

Fans of the show wondered if the move would affect the quality or content of the show. So far, it seems like Spotify has censored the JRE as well as completely remove episodes from the archives. While fans detest the vision for the show, Spotify employees have threatened to strike if the JRE isn’t censored.

Digital Music News Details Possible Spotify Employee Strike 

Employees of the popular digital service platform have expressed their desire to oversee the editorial direction of the show. According to Digital Music News, a group of Spotify employees is threatening a high profile strike or walkout, if they don’t have the right to censor the program. 

“Late last week, we first reported that Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over the recently-acquired Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  That would include the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews, or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic. The employees also demanded the ability to add trigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions.

Details of How Spotify Employees Would Strike 

Some of the group’s demands have already been met by Spotify management, though a refusal to allow further changes is stirring talk of a high-profile walkout or strike.  According to preliminary plans shared with Digital Music News, the strike would principally involve New York-based Spotify employees, and would be accompanied by protests outside Spotify’s Manhattan headquarters.  Other aspects would involve media appearances and coordination with other activist organizations,’ wrote the publication.

If Spotify Employees Actually Go On Strike 

“Other corporations have certainly witnessed walkouts and even full-blown strikes by activist employees for a range of grievances.  Those protests have often been met with changes, though the employment landscape has changed dramatically in 2020.  Spotify employees reportedly enjoy comfortable salaries in the $120-$130,000 annual range, with considerable perks and benefits.  These are plum jobs in extremely uncertain economic times, making a strike a risky move.”

Tug of War 

Is the strike worth the risk? Especially at the expense of pushing the consumer away from the product that they’ve grown to know and love. But, whatever a major company like Spotify gets involved, be prepared for alterations. 

Fans of the program have expressed their desire to cancel their Spotify subscriptions if the JRE continues with its censorship. With employees pulling the rope on the other end, Rogan has found himself in a tug of war. 

Published on September 24, 2020 at 11:57 pm
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2 thoughts on “Spotify Employees Threaten Strike if Joe Rogan Experience Isn’t Censored”

  1. Garbage out FIRE THEM and hire people who give a f*** about free speech. They want to throw away a job over this let them walk and let some real Americans who care about free speech get their jobs.

    I want to hear discussions from bad ideas and the good. do not filter ANYTHING you infact make it worse by not talking about opinions that differ to your own they are not wrong or right they are other peoples views if they are hateful let the audience make up their mind and say yes this guy is an idiot. I don’t was some gestapo employee controlling what I listen to because they have an agenda- get out of my media, let rogan speak on your platform dont restrict him or past other Alex jones for instance….ridiculous you censor this. if you expect me to pay a subscription to listen then you have to respect the listener more than your view of a situation.


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