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Sponsor: Focus groups react to Mega Football Ad we didn’t make

Sponsor: Focus groups react to Mega Football Ad we didn’t make

It’s pretty wild that Newcastle decided to place an ad on MiddleEasy considering the fact that I’ve never had a Newcastle Brown Ale. Sure I’ve seen it at the bars and in stores, but to take the plunge and drink it — yeah, it has never happened. Now if Newcastle decided to send us a case along with a few of our loyal MiddleEasy readers, I’m fairly certain I could come up with some sort of contest that involves drinking massive amounts of Newcastle in order to win massive amounts of Newcastle — and it would probably be the biggest contest in the entire site’s history.

Newcastle paid for this video to exist on MiddleEasy and we happily accepted. Now here’s something they wanted us to include in this article:

Focus groups loved the Mega Football Ad we almost made. And the $300 we paid them to watch it. See more at

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