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Sorry fanboys, Fedor is enjoying his retirement to the fullest

Sorry fanboys, Fedor is enjoying his retirement to the fullest

Ok, so maybe we called it too soon that Fedor will come back to MMA from retirement in our ‘Top Ten Fedor Moments in All of History.’ Frankly, we don’t think Fedor truly knows that he will comeback just yet, but when he does we’ll rush to MiddleEasy and just write ‘I told you so’ until our fingers disconnect from our hands. At the moment, it appears Fedor is enjoying a life devoid of reconfiguring people’s brain waves through time-bending overhand rights. Check out what The Last Emperor told M-Fight in a recent visit to Mokpo, Korea. Props to Hufusopem for the translation.

“I am still training, but I am not training for a fight.”

“Recently I went to Greece on vacation with my family and had a great time. Retirement is very enjoyable and I am content with my life.”

“No I do not miss the ring (laughs).”

“I still planned to be involved in sport and hopefully I can coach and teach the next generation of sportsman.”

There you have it. There’s no need dust off your Russian flags and Clinch Gear merchandise. It appears something called ‘life fulfillment’ is getting in the way with our desire to watch another man’s head separate from his shoulders. Bummer.

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