Sorry Chad Mendes, let this Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor trailer wash over you

In world where UFC 179 never happens, the UFC’s featherweight division auto skips right to a Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor title fight. The hypothetical event implosion scenario includes McGregor flying himself out to Rio de Janeiro upon hearing the news, holding an impromptu press conference on the front lawn of Aldo’s home, doing shirtless sit-ups in the champ’s driveway while wearing designer sunglasses, and somehow the Irish superstar makes a compelling case on why the consensus number one featherweight in the world is a “paper champ”.
McGregor’s smack talk is so on point that Aldo completely forgets about his rivalry with Chad Mendes and he even agrees to fight the Notorious one on his home turf in Dublin. During the promotion for the fight the two nearly come to blows at a local pub a la the final street fight scene from Rocky V. Thankful SBG head coach John Kavanagh, playing the role of Uncle Paulie, never gets thrown into a pinball machine in the name of good ole fashioned fight promotion.
YouTube MMA highlighter JayBandit visually pushes the Aldo vs. McGregor hype train down a very large hill before any of the above prefight shenanigans take place. Famed Hollywood soundtrack composer Clint Mansel brings the tunes for the trailer for the Croke Park UFC event where McGregor crowd surfs his way to the cage as 80,000 of his countrymen cheer him on.  
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