So you want to write for MiddleEasy and get paid? Well here you go…

We’re looking to add another writer to the MiddleEasy crew and if you’re up for it, then you’re insane. If selected, you will need to write a minimum of eight articles per week, and for very little pay. Cat Von C will haze you, and there’s nothing we can do it about it. Sorry, we haven’t found a solution to her incredible demands towards new writers, but they always involve knee-high socks in some capacity.

If you’re up for the task, send your best writing example to the email address below. We’re looking for your single best writing example, so if you send more than one, you’ve already messed up. Bummer. You know the tone of the website, so if you send something that belongs on MMAJunkie, then you’re probably not going to be able to fill the position. Also, you’re not clever if you bash fighters. It just makes you an insensitive idiot. Seriously.

You will need to have some knowledge of Photoshop (and if you don’t, we have a MiddleEasy publisher’s guide that can teach you all of that wonderful stuff).

Send your single greatest MMA sample to the email address below. If it’s good, we’ll get back to you. Every entry is read, so if we don’t get back to you, it’s our way of saying thanks, but your writing style is just not for us. We’re non-confrontational like that.

[email protected]

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