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So we did the SOPA blackout yesterday…

So we did the SOPA blackout yesterday…

We know yesterday sucked.

It was impossible for you to ingest the fresh content we put out on a daily basis. You guys rely on MiddleEasy to bring coolness within the MMA world — and we love doing it. However, yesterday could be the reality of MiddleEasy (and a majority of other MMA sites and message boards) if SOPA/PIPA passes this month. We had to make a stand with the most powerful tool we have —, so we shut the entire thing down. Literally, if you visited MiddleEasy on January 18th 2012, the only thing you were presented with was this page. Hopefully we’ll never have to do it again, but only if lawmakers truly get a grip on reality. They’re talking about blocking out entire domains from an entire country — China style.

Don’t believe the hype either, it’s not about protecting copyrights. Not at all. It’s cultural censorship. Old, rich people are trying to control the internet, something that our generation developed — and wasn’t having it. We can afford to not make money for a day if it means we’re doing something to protect our future.

If you contacted Congress and told them how horrible SOPA/PIPA is, we owe you a big thanks. If you didn’t, then you completely missed the entire point of yesterday. There’s still time for you to act now.

And now back to your daily reading…

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