So Vitor Belfort really wants to box with James Toney, wow

‘Don’t be scared homie’ was a phrase reserved for use exclusively to or from the members 209, but I’ve already incorporated it into my day-to-day use. You can’t call yourself a true MMA fan if you’re spitting ‘Don’t be scared homie’ to your Starbucks barista in place of ‘Thank you’ after they serve up your last Mocha Frappaccino’s of the summer. Strikeforce has already made the Diaz mantra their slogan for Diaz vs. Noons II set to go off on October 9th. Even 209ers like LayzieTheSavage have already been rocking out the ‘Don’t be scared homie’ ringtone everytime someone hits his digits.

Well, Vitor Belfort has been feeling left out lately so he’s decided to pay homage to the Lodi Scrap Pack by issuing a challenge to James Toney following his lackluster performance with Randy Couture at UFC 118. What makes this particularly interesting is that he’s not interested in embarrassing the boxing champion in the UFC’s Octagon (again), but he’s ready to come stand with him in a boxing match.

Zuffa’s contracts prohibit fighters from entering any other combat sports contests while committed to the UFC, so to make something like happen, it would have to be approved by the UFC first. It remains to be seen if Dana White would entertain something like this to return the favor to James Toney for stepping into the cage. It would be a battle of speed and youth vs. power and about two decades of boxing greatness. Despite the tremendous weight difference, Vitor’s got some of the fastest hands in the history of MMA. It could make for a short night for either fighter that’s able to connect. We all need to send Dana ‘Don’t be scared, homie’ tweets over the next few months to make this happen.

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