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So that was our moment of silence for 9/11

So that was our moment of silence for 9/11

The surprising lack of articles today was our unannounced moment of silence for 9/11.

We halted on publishing articles up until now in order to recognize a moment in human history in which hate prevailed over love. It’s not even about politics or ‘if we had it coming’ to us. Set aside nations, ethnic ties, and governmental policy — all of these are just paradigms that force us to overlook the fact that human life is delicate and precious. Life is so sacred that we’ve spent the entire course of human history trying to identify what it all means — and we still don’t have an answer. We’re all just whispers floating through the universe — and at any moment we can dissolve into nothingness without any remembrance. Religions exist to comfort a person — it’s a crutch to get through this journey. However even religion must recognize the fact that it’s built around a social construct created by people that are just as confused and frightened as you are.

In the end, the only thing that remains in this universe is love. Earlier this month I published an article in which biologists found that being compassionate can actually help evolutionary progress. Perhaps humanity can take a note that from this — if nature, the building block of life itself, rewards creatures for showing love towards other creatures, then should this not be a striking indicator as to how humanity should conduct itself?

The attack on 9/11 was spawned from hate. People died from the blind selfishness of others. Imagine the life that you’re leading now — every relationship, love story, accomplishment, disappointment, lesson learned, book read, conversation held and every scenery you’ve laid your eyes upon — everything you’ve ever known came to an abrupt and terminal end because someone’s hate outweighed their compassion.

That homeless person you see when you’re walking around on a Friday night. Stop pretending like they don’t exist — they’re made from the same universal force as you. The same can be applied for the young teenager in Hamas that swore a life of hate towards America. They’re not a different person than you. You can’t externalize them. They are you.

Love all of you. Please, remember September 11th.

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