So Mayhem Miller just signed with the UFC

A lot of fans have been calling for Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping to be the next TUF coaches, but I have a feeling Mayhem Miller has thrown a mayhem monkey wrench into everybody’s plans. Yep, Jason Miller has signed with the UFC. His Strikeforce contract expired so he is headed to the the land of never ending middleweights. Ryan Parsons, Mayhem’s manager and owner of the bottle of 209 gin we sent him months ago confirmed it to

Props to Mayhem, lots of interesting fights for him now, even though this Sunday’s rumor mill was going to say Sakuraba wanted a rematch. Maybe for Rio? One has to wonder if he will make his way into the cage at UFC 129 and ask GSP and Jake: ‘where’s my rematch buddies?’.


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