So it’s confirmed, Nam Phan really is the worst cornerman in the world

The girl of your dreams is the girl of my dreams too. Take it easy, she’s not mutually exclusive to your subconscious. She also shares my dreamscape, and I’m sure she infiltrates the minds of a few others out there. In short, she’s promiscuous and she doesn’t care who she sleeps with. Hence, that’s why she is the girl of your dreams. Whatever you do, don’t let Nam Phan give you advice on picking up the girl of your dreams. If this is Nam Phan’s cornerman skills on display, I can only imagine what he would be like as a wing-man. Check out this video of Rob F. attempting to get advice from an overly eager Nam Phan. Don’t worry, we all have friends like Nam Phan. Perhaps you are that guy, and if so — damn you. Be sure to watch Nam Phan on The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 this Wednesday on SpikeTV. [Source]

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