So it looks like Silverstar is using Nazi imagery to push their product

Here we go again with this nonsense. After we exposed that Hoelzer Reich openly used Nazi imagery to promote their line of MMA apparel, we have another culprit who blatantly places Nazi insignia on their line — and it’s disgusting.

For those of you who are not familiar with the skull placed on the shirt that Clay Guida is rocking in the recent Fight! Magazine interview, it’s called a Totenkopf or ‘Death Head’ and Julius Schreck, the leader of Stabswache (Adolf Hitler’s body guard unit) adopted the skull for his unit. It later grew to be associated with Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) and then eventually became widely associated inside the entire Nazi regime. Now it’s been a staple for Neo-Nazi organizations and Eastern European skinhead groups. This same skull was also used within the Hoelzer Reich brand.

I’m sure that a statement will be released sometime this week claiming the designer of the shirt thought it was just ‘a really cool skull’, but ignorance is not an excuse. Companies have to know what the [expletive] they are putting on their shirts.


Here’s the same Totenkopf being used on the front of Nazi regallia. It’s not a skull that is similar to the Totenkopf, it is the friggin’ Totenkopf.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time Silverstar has been accused of using Nazi imagery in their product line. In 2002, the OC Register covered a story of Silver Star clothing using Nazi imagery and being worn in schools, even calling the clothing line ‘fascist’. Huge props to WRESTLENOW of the UG for the find.

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