So it appears the UFC may have stolen the TUF 20 idea from this guy…

Next year for Halloween I’m going to dress up as David Bowie just after he reveals to Sarah that he’s the Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth. That’s the look going into 2014, big hair and spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s like David Bowie collected separate parts from inferior crotches to assemble one giant, Frankenstein-like crotch and used a complex system of pulleys to stuff everything inside his pants. Another thing from that film — how can David Bowie be the Goblin King when he’s clearly human? What a screwed up monarchy in that Labyrinth — they should switch to a democracy run for the goblins by the goblins.

That was the first thing I thought of this morning, so I had to get it out. Thanks for being there for me. However what I really wanted to tell you is a guy from The UG published a thread back in October 4th 2013 with practically the exact idea of TUF 20 that was announced just a couple days go. Check it out.

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With ratings for Tuf 18 showing that viewership is higher for the female fights, what do you think the odds of an all female 115lbs (Strawweight) division are?

Dana stated it would be awhile before a new division is put in the UFC and they could use the show to build the division with the winner of the show getting the title. Would be the first time for an all female edition and the first time that the winner of the show became a UFC champion.

SW for WMMA IMO is one of the best divisions and it would make for great TV. Think about the possible fighters.

Jessica Aguilar
Claudia Gadelha
Carla Esparza
Felice Herrig
Joanne Calderwood
Tecia Torres
Bec Hyatt
Paige VanZant
Thug Rose
Ashley Cummins

Plus I assume some 125lb fighters would move down and some 105lb would move up for the show.

I assume it would get better ratings then your traditional all male season would get because it would be WMMA (drawing better ratings this season) and would be for a UFC Title.

What do you think?

I mean even the fighters are identical. You can read the entire UG thread here, but it does seem like some content theft happened — or the UFC implanted someone on The UG to post. Hey, it’s happened before.

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