So here’s the part of WEC 52 when everyone thought Mizugaki died on national television

I know I wasn’t the only person who spit out their 100% all-natural Juicy Juice when Urijah Faber released the rear-naked choke only to reveal Mizugaki in what appeared to be a rigor mortis-like state. Alright, maybe I was the only person since Juicy Juice is the most underrated consumable liquid in America. Even Urijah Faber appeared somewhat stunned at the condition of Mizugaki as his neck strangely hovered above the mat at WEC 52. The camera crew immediately went to a wide-angle shot that showed everyone at the Palm’s Casino on the verge of giving a moment of silence to what seemed to be the first death in ZUFFA history. After a short commercial break, we saw a somewhat conscious Mizugaki hunched over and surrounded by a potpourri of doctors. The guy was alive and only astral traveled for a few terrifying minutes. Now that we know he survived, check out this gif of that exact moment. Props to ZombieProphet for the gif.

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