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Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre FINALLY Square Off (video)

Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre FINALLY Square Off (video)

Anderson Silva and GSP Face-Off

If you’re an MMA fan, chances are, other enthusiasts have asked you “Who is in your MMA Mount Rushmore?” The same list of GOAT considered names usually surfaces on everyone’s mind. Two of those names are UFC legends Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Fans often dreamed of the two men fighting and recently, the pair squared off in a promotional video.

The two men appeared in Las Vegas for an event with a health and wellness company called Limitless. The pair also faced off for the company with numerous photos surfacing on the internet, as well as a video of the footage below:

In the short video, you can see both Silva and St Pierre standing toe to toe for a few seconds, and then smiling at each other afterward. Growing the Limitless brand with the legends was an incredible idea. The brand is aware of how bad MMA fans have wanted both Silva and Georges to fight in their primes.

History Between GSP and Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva was tearing through the UFC’s Middleweight division for the majority of the 2000s decade. St Pierre was mirroring the success of Silva during that same timeframe in the UFC Welterweight division.

A dream fight between the two has been on the minds of MMA fans around the planet for well over a decade. Both men have been considered equally as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, so fans would have loved an opportunity to see which man would have edged out the victory in their primes.

Influencing the UFC 10 years Later

Planting the seeds of GSP and Silva fighting were also key factors in the idea of the organization being open to ‘super fights.’ Superfights between two elite fighters in separate weight classes are one of the UFC’s most lucrative business approaches when it comes to matchmaking today.


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