Anderson Silva Believes ‘Premature’ GOAT Claims Are Temporary For Each Fighter

There Has Been Plenty Of Debate In Recent Days As To Whether Khabib Nurmagomedov Is The Pound-For-Pound Best Fighter As Well As GOAT

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Anderson Silva believes the GOAT and pound-for-pound debate is premature and even kind of meaningless.

Debates have been rampant in recent days as to whether Khabib Nurmagomedov is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the sport today as well as the greatest of all time following his win over Justin Gaethje and subsequent retirement.

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones hasn’t been letting that go kindly as he has continually hit out at fans and media for even considering Nurmagomedov above him in the various debates.

Silva was long hailed as the greatest of all time and pound-for-pound best during his pomp as the longtime UFC middleweight champion. However, he believes the discussion doesn’t exist as many fighters have had their moments at the top.

“To me, this discussion doesn’t exist,” Silva said during online media day (translation via MMA Fighting). “There are moments, people that were better in certain times.

“(Georges) St-Pierre had his moment when he was the best, Royce (Gracie) was the best, Jon Jones, Khabib and other athletes… Matt Serra, Pedro Rizzo, Vitor Belfort, BJ Penn… Damn, so many people were good, the best in their moments. This pound-for-pound thing doesn’t exist.”

Silva: Someone Else Will Always Come

In the end, “The Spider” believes everyone will have their time as the best until they are ultimately surpassed by another fighter who comes along and the cycle continues.

That is why he believes there is never one single best fighter in the world when it comes to mixed martial arts.

“You have the best momentarily,” Silva added. “(The moment) will pass and someone else will come, and someone else. I think this (debate) of best in the world or greatest of all times is very premature and kind of meaningless.

“Someone good comes from time to time, a new talent, someone ahead of the curve. There’s no ‘the’ best in the world.”

Despite Silva’s feelings, he will certainly go down as one of the GOAT contenders ahead of what is seemingly his last UFC fight.

The Brazilian takes on Uriah Hall in the UFC Vegas 12 headliner today and signing off with a win would be the perfect way for Silva to call time on his illustrious career.

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