Both Shogun and Paul Craig Want Rematch After Split-Draw

via @BigPaulCraig on Instagram and @ShogunRua on Twitter
via @BigPaulCraig on Instagram and @ShogunRua on Twitter

Shogun and Paul Craig Disappointed in Performances Want to Rematch

The co-main event of UFC Paulo was quite possibly one of the most uneventful fights in recent UFC memory. During the bout, UFC light heavyweights Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Paul Craig went the distance only to fight to a split draw decision. Both spectators and home and in the crowd were displeased by what they were witnessing in front of their eyes. Additionally, both men in the cage were disappointed in their performances as well.

During the post-fight show and after fight interviews, both fighters expressed their frustration with their production. However, as poor, as the product was displayed in the cage, it seems like both men are willing to have a rematch.

Shogun on a Rematch against Craig

During the conversation, the media asked Shogun if he felt he did enough to win the fight. Breaking down the fight round by round, it’s clear that Shogun felt he did enough to win the fight.

“I clearly knew that I lost the first round and (I think that) I won the second and third,” said Shogun. My corner oriented me and said the same thing. Everyone that I talked to after the fight said the same thing. Including people from the UFC, judges, matchmakers,” finished Shogun.

Although the result was confusing to Shogun, he expressed that he would be willing to face Craig again. But first, he would like to see if the UFC would be on board with that decision.

“I just have to see if the UFC wants that. Do they agree with that rematch? If they do, I’m ready for a rematch,” said Rua.

Craig on a Rematch Against Shogun

His opponent, Paul Craig also believes in the idea of a rematch. Not only does he know that he wants the rematch, but he also told the media that he has a location in mind for where he would like the bout to take place.

“There are rumors that UFC Glasgow is going to happen,” Craig said. “That’d be my hometown,” said Craig.

“Is there any opportunity to fight Shogun Rua again? Only he’d be able to tell you that because I’d take that fight in a heartbeat. (But) with how his face was looking after that fight, I can’t see him accepting that fight,” finished Craig.

With both competitors believing they won the bout, who do fans believe won the fight? Also, is a rematch necessary? Would spectators be interested in seeing the uneventful bout happen again?

Let us know in the comments below.

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