Shogun Rua Yearns For Return of “Pride” Stomp Rules

via @ShogunRua on Twitter
via @ShogunRua on Twitter

Shogun Rua Misses Stomp Rules

Shogun Rua is one of the most popular names mentioned throughout the short history of MMA. Just the thought of his name produces lucid recollections of the beginning stages of MMA. Also, it reminds fans of the days where Asian promotions like PRIDE stood out with elite competitors and a unique appearance with their own rules. Being a PRIDE legend, Shogun has lasted through several eras of modern-day mixed martial arts. This is why it’s no surprise that Rua wishes the stomp rule from PRIDE was allowed in the UFC today.

As the rules stand today, stomps to the head or body of a downed opponent are completely illegal. Soccer kicks, which were granted in PRIDE, are also illegal in today’s UFC. During Shogun’s fight against Paul Craig at UFC Sao Paulo, there were many instances where Rua hovered over Craig as he laid on the ground. So much so, that in the post-fight presser, media members couldn’t help but ask if Shogun wished he was able to execute his infamous stomps in today’s climate.

Shogun Speaks on Stomp Wishes

A look of happiness glanced across Shogun’s face when asked about if he wishes stomps were back today. Not only did Shogun wish that stomps and soccer kicks were back, but he also believed that the crowd in attendance was calling for it as well.

“Yeah,” said Shogun in reference to the stomps. “(There were) many moments in the fight (when) I was on top on the ground and I could only wish for stomping. There’s a lot of people (in the crowd) screaming for me to stomp,” Shogun said.

Potential Shogun vs Craig Rematch

If there was ever a fight in recent memory that needed more action, it would have probably been this one. The uneventful bout between Shogun and Craig ended in a split-decision draw. Perhaps the stomps would have tilted the outcome in the fight in Shogun’s direction.

With both men wanting to fight each other again, fans can only hope for a definitive outcome. Mostly to avoid a trilogy fight if the second fight is anything like the first. However, no matter the outcome, Shogun won’t be able to administer his famous stomps.

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