Shogun Rua and Forrest Griffin will have a sequel at UFC: Rio

I have a hard time falling asleep. Usually, I’m the kind of guy who likes to eventually drift off to dreamland while watching something on TV, to be specific UFC 1 through about 27. I have been called weird for this before, but there is something about those early NHB shows that I watched a billion times growing up that are extremely peaceful and relaxing to me. The only negative to this is the physiological impact it has made on my viewing habits: I have fallen asleep during every single episode of The Ultimate Fighter this current season. That isn’t a knock on Brock or JDS, I just take to the screaming pink noise of MMA fighters like a baby with a white noise machine. It can be pretty embarrassing, yawning during fights, I’m not bored I swear!

Last night I changed it up and put on UFC 76 to fall asleep to, but the Forrest Griffin/Shogun Rua match kept me awake. Some people blamed Rua’s lackluster performance in that bout on a knee injury sustained during training for his UFC debut, but not I. It’s obvious that Shogun’s lack of proper Vale Tudo shorts were to blame for his loss against Forrest, and now he has a chance to right that wrong.
Gracie Mag reported earlier today that Shogun and Griffin were looking to rematch at the upcoming UFC 134 show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and MMAFighting has made it officially official, Griffin/Rua II will be taking place this August. Bring your Vale Tudo shorts if you can get them past customs.


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