Shogun falls down, gets knocked out like three times by OSP in thirty seconds

Maybe this is what happens when you’ve been in too many fights. You look too calm, too complacent, like Shogun when he stepped out to fight tonight. It looked like Shogun was just going through the motions, and his complacency cost him brain cells. I don’t even know anymore. Shogun’s been done for a while, but this is just awful. Thirty seconds, an inside leg kick landed by each competitor, then this awful display. I love Shogun, and have for too long to see this go on. You have to retire, Mauricio. 
Yeah, Jimi Manuwa is a violent human being, so this likely would’ve happened in a different way had Manuwa still been fighting Shogun tonight in front of the quietist Brazilian crowd I’ve ever heard. But for OSP to inflict this violence, it just seems… Wrong. I like OSP, don’t get me wrong, and I expected him to win, but for something like this to happen? 
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