UFC On ESPN+ 9 Results: Shane Burgos Defeats Cub Swanson Via Split Decision (Highlights)

Cub Swanson
Cub Swanson

Shane Burgos Wins Cub Swanson In A Stand-Up War!

Ultimate Fighting Championship is going live tonight (Saturday, May 4, 2019) with the UFC on ESPN+ 9 event from inside Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to the Featherweight bout between BJJ black belt Cub Swanson and dangerous takedown defense expert Shane “Hurricane” Burgos.

The third man inside the Octagon is Yves Lavigne. The battle begins!

Round 1

Burgos goes for a left jab, Swanson counters with a great sidekick to the front leg. Fighters are very cautious at the beginning of the match. Great combo Cub Swanson, Burgos misses with a left hook. Low kick.

Low kick Burgos, Swanson returns with a combo. Burgos uses reach advantage well, lands a low kick, and eats one. Left hook Cub. Great low kick by Burgos, Cub returns with an uppercut. Good body shot. Wow, brutal body-punch Swanson.

Burgos fires back, great right hook to the head. Left low kick Swanson. 1-2 Burgos. Swanson misses with an overhand left. Low kick Burgos, Swanson returns with a punch combo. Wow, a brutal left high kick Cub Swanson, Burgos survives and keeps going forward.

Good jab Swanson, and now amazing exchange on both sides. These fighters waste no time, looking to finish the bout. Good low kick Swanson, Burgos misses 1-2. Jab missed by a hair Burgos, Swanson fires back with a big right hand. Spinning back kick Swanson just missed.

Low kick Burgos. And another one. Swanson attacks to the legs, good sidekick. Great ducking b Swanson, fighters in the clinch, but Swanson separates. Low kick checked by Cub. Big right hand Swanson, but Burgos isn’t rocked! Punch to the body Burgos just missed. The end of the round, unsure who won.

Swanson’s face is swollen. Burgos’ corner advises him to parry Swanson’s movement.

Round 2

Swanson moves again and escapes the incoming strikes. Low kick Swanson, followed by a body kick. Right hand to the face Swanson. Burgos keeps going forward, pressuring his rival. Low kick Burgos. Big right hand Swanson, Burgos keeps pressuring. Right high kick Swanson, blocked.

Swanson ducks under a big right hand. Burgos delivers a good right uppercut to the chin, fighters clinch up, but Swanson evades again. Left high kick Swanson, blocked, followed by a 1-2 combo. Low kick Cub.

Excellent exchange on both sides, Burgos ducks out and goes backward for the first time. Burgos tries to counter him with a right uppercut, missed, and now amazing exchange on both sides, fighters trading shots.

Right low kick Swanson, left high kick by Burgos, blocked. Right punch to the head Swanson. Great low kick by Burgos. Jab Burgos, Swanson ducks under again. Left hook missed Swanson.

Left low kick Swanson. Both fighters missing jabs. Left high kick Swanson, Burgos counters with a left low kick. Amazing exchange on both sides, great punches to the head and body. Left middle kick by Burgos.

Swanson switches stance, Burgos pushes him against the cage and lands big hooks, but Swanson evades. Low kick Burgos, and another one. Left high kick Burgos, ends up on Swanson’s hand. Great jab by Burgos. The end of the round, 10-9 Burgos.

Cub’s left eye is swollen badly!

Round 3

Great left hook Swanson, who continues to attack. Low kick Burgos, Swanson delivers a front kick to the front leg. Burgos’ nose is cracked. Swanson goes forward, he has to go for all or nothing.

Good right hand to the head Swanson, great straight punch. Fighters missing on both sides, Burgos lands a good low kick. Right hook missed Burgos.

Swanson goes for a takedown and takes rival’s back, pressing him against the cage.

Good elbows to the head Burgos, Swanson has his back, lands big knees to the thigh! Swanson keeps doing the same thing over and over, Burgos lands big elbows. Swanson fires hard, this thigh looks bad!

Burgos evades, great defense, and now big punch to the head. Low kick Cub. Amazing combo Swanson. Cub Swanson tried to clinch up, but Burgos evades. Right hand missed Burgos. Great left hook counter by Swanson. Wow, this right hook landed clean, Burgos looks hurt!

No, he survives and keeps going forward. Great jabs Burgos. Left high kick blocked by Swanson. Big right hand Burgos.

Swanson goes for a takedown but takes Burgos’ back.

It seems Burgos escaped well, and he goes for all or nothing, these are big strikes. Swanson is on the cage, Burgos attacks with a flying knee. The end of the round, I’d say 10-9 Burgos.

Check out the highlights below:


Final Result: Shane Burgos defeats Cub Swanson via split decision (30-27 Swanson, 30-27 Burgos, 29-28 Burgos)


Cub Swanson drops to 25-11 MMA, 10-7 UFC, Shane Burgos improves the score to 12-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC.

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