Shane Burgos Recalls ‘Weird’ Feeling Of Being KO’d By Edson Barboza: ‘My Mind Was All There, My Body Just Wasn’t’

After being handed a bizarre delayed knockout loss from Edson Barboza, Shane Burgos reflects on the strange moment and gives a health update

Shane Burgos Edson Barboza
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In one of the more bizarre finishes in UFC history, Shane Burgos suffered something of a delayed knockout at the hands of Edson Barboza. Now he gives a health update, and provides his perspective on the strange finish.

Heading into his UFC 262 main card bout with Barboza, Burgos was looking to get back in the win column after going 3-2 in his last five. This was an important matchup for him, and one of the biggest named opponents of his career.

However things did not go his way, as he was knocked out in the third round of the bout. That said, the finish itself was the subject of discussion, as there was a few seconds of delay between the strike landing, and Shane falling to the mat.

Shane Burgos Reflects On Bizarre Knockout Loss

As strange as this knockout loss may have been, it only gets more bizarre to hear what Shane Burgos has to say about it. Speaking in a recent interview, he gave his point of view on the fight, and how the finish transpired.

He felt like he was winning the bout until he got hit with the overhand. However he says that he was totally conscious and has memory of what happened when that shot landed, despite the fact that his body just gave out.

The weirdest part is I remember everything which is something everyone is surprised about,” Burgos explained. “I don’t have any loss of memory when it comes to that. So we’re fighting, I threw the jab, I bring it back to my head and he threw a f*ckin fast overhand right, and I didn’t even see it. It was like, boom, hit me and I was like [still moving around] but I thought, this is weird.

“It felt like my vision was slowly coming to a tunnel vision, my legs were getting slowly turned off. It was like somebody turning the volume down on the power button on my legs. I was bouncing and dipping down, and when I was dipping down I was trying to come back up fully, and I was slowly getting lower. I’m like, I can’t stand the f*ck up, what the f*ck is going on?

“So my mind was all there, my body just wasn’t,” Burgos continued. “My legs just completely… it was slowly and then [snap] just off and I fell back into the cage. That was it.

“When he threw the punch, it was just so fast and I thought he just hit me with something and I was like, all right. Then it slowly all shut off. It was weird. I saw some doctor did a review—I didn’t watch it—but I heard they were attributing it to my conditioning and to my cardio, and I guess that’s a compliment. But it sucks.

“Literally, as soon as the fight ended, as soon as the referee stopped the fight [my legs started coming back]—and I definitely went out for a second, I remember waking up being like what the f*ck—I looked up at the ref and was like, you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me,” Burgos added.

“I knew the fight was over and that he caught me with something. I remember laughing in the moment because I was in complete disbelief where I really felt like it was going my way. Like, are you kidding me? It was just a weird feeling, it really was.”

No Signs Of Concussion

As it turns out, Shane Burgos is not actually feeling that beat up after this brutal fight with Edson Barboza. While he has the typically bumps and bruises that one would expect, he has no serious concussion symptoms, a fact that baffled his doctors.

“I just saw a neurologist [a few days ago] and she cleared me,” Burgos explained. “She was surprised when I was telling her I had no concussion symptoms whatsoever. I have no nausea, no lightheadedness, no fogginess, no throwing up or anything like that, no memory loss. There were no headaches at all and she was surprised, and I guess I was surprised by that, too.

“But she said concussion symptoms could come seven to 10 days later. She said, ‘After the 10-day mark, let me know and if you’re not having any symptoms then we don’t have to worry about it, but if you are, we’ll have you come back for an MRI of your brain just to be safe. Right now, just lay low, hang out, don’t go too crazy right now. Wait for the 10 days to pass and we’ll go from there.’ That’s what I’m gonna do.”

It is good to see that, all things considered, Shane Burgos is doing fairly well after this knockout loss. It will be interesting to see who he fights next, and where he goes from here.

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