Shamrock FC Fighter Proves Spamming Upkicks is the Best Defense for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Everyone knows that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is only relevant because the “unified rules of MMA” have outlawed the Achilles Heel of BJJ. The lethal and deadly upkick.

Back in the Dark Ages of MMA, the legendary Renzo Gracie took Oleg Taktarov’s soul with a perfectly timed upkick. In more modern times, Anderson Silva knocked out the immovable force that is Yushin Okami in top position with an upkick (“officials” had the gall to call it illegal). Even the unstoppable Frankie Edgar fell victim to the brilliance of a well executed upkick from Benson Henderson.

So it’s great to finally see this effective technique get it’s day in the sun.

Enter Shamrock FC and a moment of pure inspiration. As the ground and pound reigns down on this regional fighter, you see the light bulbs turns on in his head, as he engineers the ultimate defense… spamming illegal upkicks.

Man, when there is under ten seconds left in a round, i feel like even the normal lawlessness of MMA should be scaled back to complete Mad Max anarchy. Fuck these rules, people. Fishhooking, eye gouging, biting, with ten seconds left, it should all be on the table. Let the upkicks reign supreme, again. Spam on, fighter. Spam on.

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