Sexyama makes a sexy return after two sexy years away from sexy fighting with a sexy win

This was really sexy. You kind of don’t realize how un-sexy your life is until the sexiness is gone, but then, you don’t realize how un-sexy you’ve been until the sexiness comes back. It’s a pardox of sex. Yoshihiro Akiyama came back to the UFC cage on the heels of a four-fight losing streak that lacked the sex. Well, the Jake Shields fight was somewhat sexy, but still, an L is never sexy. 

So Akiyama strutted his way to the Octagon, bedazzled and bronzed, then dominated Amir Sadollah who was also making a return after many years away from the Sexagon, I mean Octagon. I’m sorry, but it’s almost sex am and I want breakfast with a side of sweet love making. Maybe even a run to the tanning booth after this beatdown.

It was a great return. Sexyama even flirted with Juliana Pena between the second and third round. All was well, all was sexy, just up until after the fight when Sexyama called out the recently retired Wanderlei Silva. Huh? Not sexy. Or is it?

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