This Senegalese Wrestling Champion Makes His MMA Debut On Saturday

Senegalese Wrestling Champion Mma Debut Rwug Reug

To be honest heavyweight MMA kind of sucks. What doesn’t suck is Senegalese Wrestling Champion Reug Reug AKA Oumar Kane AKA The King making his MMA debut this weekend.

At ARES Fighting Championship, Reug Reug will be fighting on UFC Fight Pass. December 14th, live from Dakar, Senegal, one of the greatest Senegalese Wrestling Champions ever will get to also punch people in the face.

Here’s the thing, due to heavyweight MMA’s previous low bar of entry, having a National Wrestling Champion from an African country known for their grappling can really shake stuff up.

MiddleEasy is now all in on watching Reug Reug AKA Oumar Kane AKA The King just wreck fools in a cage, ring, or a Senegalese wrestling pit of doom.

Just look at our mans.

This is what heavyweight MMA is all about.

The founding fathers of the MMA are very pleased. If time machine technology gets it’s act together, we need The King to time travel. Investing all our Bitcoins into buying Oumar Kane a time travel ticket. Sending Reug Reug back to November 1993 and having him wreck shop at UFC 1.

Royce Gracie is not choking out our Senegalese Wrestling Champion. Sorry, BJJ dorks.

Until Saturday on Fight Pass, you can find the Big Red Monster scanning YouTube for Senegalese Wrestling highlight tapes.

Have no idea what is going on, but 100% into all of it.

Whatever that was above, it’s the new best base for Heavyweight MMA. Going to need The King booked in at least 10 different squash matches versus local jobbers ASAP. Only then will Reug Reug be ready for Bellator/KSW/Rizin…..maybe all three to be honest.

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