Video: See Charles Bennett’s Totally Excellent Rizin Adventure From His Perspective

It should be common knowledge now that Charles “Call Me Felony Now” Bennett had the absolute best moment at Rizin and probably all of MMA history. It’s really not even close. He destroyed Minoru Kimura in 7 seconds, reclined back in the ring and gave a speech even Nate Diaz would have to watch. It was a thing of beauty. He is the MMA fighter the world deserves, but not the one it needed years ago. Now is his time.

You have to have seen his amazing, post-Rizin fight promo by now, but did you see him practice his actics before all of that at the K1 Grand Prix where he confronted Kimura for the first time? They posed down? He complimented his shoes?

Thanks to the glory of the internet, now we can relive his journey is a whole new way. From his arrival to his hotel in Japan, the confrontation with Wanderlei Silva, to his fight and aftermath, you can see it all unravel from Bennett’s own footage. Hey, and it turns out, Bennett just wanted to take video of Silva to begin with but that old man wanted to grab his d**k and get all “salty”!

It looks like Silva even damaged his trophy from their fight in the back! Sure, Bennett may be crazy as hell, but this almost paints him in a completely different light. Come one, can a guy who teaches English to kids in the streets of Japan really be that bad?

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