Sean Strickland’s Comments On Deceased MMA Fighter Shalie Lipp Causes Fans Uproar

"Tarzan" is under-fire for his recent comments about Shalie Lipp.

Sean On Shalie
Sean On Shalie - Image Credit @Shalielipp @Strickland_mma_ Instagram
  • Sean Strickland earned criticisms from some MMA fans over his bold comments about the now-dead amateur MMA fighter Shalie Lipp
  • “Tarzan” accused other people posting about Lipp of clout chasing and faking sympathy

Sean Strickland is now facing yet another controversy following his seemingly insensitive comment about the recently-deceased amateur MMA fighter, Shalie Lipp.

Sean strikes again

In a raunchy post on Instagram, “Tarzan” applauded UFC president Dana White for his touching “I know your name” gesture upon learning that Lipp constantly wrote “Dana White will know my name” in her journal.

However, Strickland did not mince his words in lashing out at those “bandwagon guys” who also posted about Lipp even though they had nothing to do with her. For “Tarzan,” it’s just pure clout-chasing because the way he sees it, Lipp wasn’t really that good of a fighter and there was no way her name wouldn’t have been known.

“I know I shouldn’t f*cking say it, but I’m so compelled to say it I can’t stop myself,” Strickland began. “That girl that died, f*cking tragic. I felt so bad for her family having to wake up to that. Really f*cked up. People die all the time like that. It’s really f*cked up. Tragic. Anways, what Dana White did, f*cking touching. Found the journal, f*cking posted about her. F*cking amazing, right?  But, all you bandwagon guys…. and this where I’m going to get a little hate for this one, all you bandwagon guys posting a picture of her saying, ‘I know your name’, I dug a little deeper. And I’m gonna tell you guys, she wasn’t that f*cking good. 3-2 coming off a loss with a 1-1 record and this is gonna sound f*cked up, but this is just facts. If you didn’t die, no one would know your f*cking name.

“Now that’s f*cked up, I know, you guys. But you bandwagon motherf*ckers looking to get likes from her post, you guys are also f*cked up.”

The backlash

AS expected, Strickland’s remarks did not go unnoticed. In fact, some fans quickly hit back at him in the comments section.

“You really are a dummy. Your boy Chris Curtis started 2-0 amateur, lost, was 2-1 amateur then lost his first pro first and now look at him. Your other teammate @kingcaseymma started 0-2 amateur getting knocked out twice. What if she wrote in her journal what Shalie Lipp wrote but she died suddenly before she got to turn it around? Point is Shalie Lipps DREAM was to be a successful fighter and make the UFC. You’re saying she couldn’t have because she started 3-2 amateur? You’re a clown. That brain damage you love and joke about is real. That fake I say anything I Want like Trump because we’re cool is super trash you mutt,” a fan wrote.

“Bro, I don’t think the point is her fight record! It’s just tragic, besides look at people like Charles Oliveira, tonnes of losses turned into a beast, you don’t know what could have been!!,” one fan commented.

“Your no different!! You make these post to get a reaction from this or prior events. Just saying. It’s just in a different way,” another fan added.

Lipp was killed in a car accident on Sunday Moorhead, MN. She was supposed to face Natalie Gage on May 20 at “No Mercy 11.”

Published on May 17, 2023 at 11:58 am
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