Screw your MMA, get ready for San-Do!

Pretty soon, guys with futuristic Affliction shirts and tribal tattoos will urinate on your mint condition collection of Pride FC tapes while you crouch in the corner like an infantile retard chanting ‘Pride never die’. Well it did die, dammit…and San-Do is still wiping the blood of its hands. San-Do is the self-proclaimed ‘hottest ticket in sports’ and if two men in tight shorts grappling with each other in a cage was not enough, try three men in a twelve-sided pit gang beating each other. If you don’t believe San-Do is the future, then their energy drink sponsor will slap you in the eyes with salty cotton swabs…and then apparently strap you to a rocket and send you into earth’s atmosphere. A rocket fueled by pure rawesomeness. Check out the trailer from the upcoming organization. [Source]



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