Scott Coker is not worried about injuries in the Heavyweight GP

There is this guy I know only know as “Cdre”. Tonight he will be missing the opening leg of the Strikeforce GP because he is participating in a videogame marathon that will be a minimum 12 hours in length. The ‘winner’ of the marathon, if you want to call them that, will be showered in free games ranging from Left 4 Dead 2, ARMA 2, Team Fortress 2 and probably a bunch of other sequels. Only sequels. From what I understand, the rules of the marathon dictate that he has to play Mount and Blade: Warband from 6pm cst to 6am. Beyond 6am it’s the wild west out there, I don’t know what will happen, mettle’s will be tested that’s for sure.

Human beings have been known to injure themselves or even die during these videogame marathons, its almost expected. But these keyboard warriors have stretched their thumbs and have eyedrops and energy drinks nearby, they know what they signed up for. Tonight is a one night deal however, if they get hurt and can’t continue they are out, they have no time to recover, unlike the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP. Strikeforce president Scott Coker is not worried about injuries during his tournament, if he were my old roommate he would have said ‘nah dude, I ain’t worried ’bout that’, but he’s not, he is Scott Coker, so he says different things. Things you can listen to below.


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