Science can decipher baby gibberish and it turns out they are talking MMA!

You know MMA has gotten big when toddlers are getting in on the arguments perpetuated everyday by hardcore fans and ‘TUF’ noobs alike on the UG messageboard and the Sherdog forums. Brock or Fedor? Polarizing from the womb to the grave, that comparison, and even babies are drawing a line in the sand. Or maybe lining up some wood blocks or something. Thank goodness for having the technology in 2011 to to be able to decipher baby gibberish, if not for science we probably would have just thought these babies where grunting unformed words and squealing for no reason at all. Not true. Unfortunately, only subtitles are available at this time, Bruce Willis was busy it seems. Check out these two baby’s verbally going to war over the timeless Fedor/Brock comparison in a way most messageboard frequenters will never be able to handle, face to face.


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