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Brendan Schaub Thinks Nate Diaz Is UFC’s Top Star, Not Conor McGregor

Brendan Schaub Thinks Nate Diaz Is UFC’s Top Star, Not Conor McGregor

Schaub Notices Change in Fans Viewing Diaz

Without a doubt, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are the biggest stars in MMA today. However, MMA media man Brendan Schaub thinks Nate currently has more of the fans behind him, and for good reason. He said he was on the road in his car thinking to himself “why do so many people gravitate towards Nate Diaz?” Then he figured out exactly what it was and spoke about it all on Below The Belt.

Brendan discussed the matter on his podcast

In episode #146 of the Below The Belt podcast, Schaub went on to explain his stance on Diaz. He explained how Nate’s dominating win over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 was impressive and calling out Jorge Masvidal was the right move.

“That thing (The Diaz vs Masvidal fight) sells itself to the hardcore(s).”, said Schaub. “We’re all vying to see that. It sucks if you’re a Leon Edwards fan cause he’s getting left behind in this, but he’ll be fine. He’s young.”

Schaub then went on to discuss the superstardom of Diaz and how the UFC had him all wrong.

“If you look at all the numbers, the buildup to the fight … anything that had Nate Diaz was over a million views.”, said Schaub in reference to the mishaps in marketing Nate. When it came to attributing to the success of UFC 241, Schaub said, ” That’s not because of Stipe, not because of Anthony Pettis. Yeah, it’s part of it,(but) that’s because of Nate Diaz.”

Schaub Thinks Diaz Surpassed McGregor

Especially due to the recent antics of McGregor in reference to getting in trouble with the law. Brendan explained how while McGregor is popular, fans are tired of his inactivity inside the cage and wrong activity outside of it.

Shaub stated:

“I think now because what Conor’s doing we’re all like, ‘alright man, we’re out.’ And then Nate Diaz somehow (has) gone from heel to [face] and we’re like, we’re rooting for him. We want him to get paid, we want to see him fight big fights.”

Schaub continued on with why Nate has surpassed Conor as the number one fan favorite.

“Yeah, you’re kinda like, holy f*ck. Nate Diaz is the good dude here. Just because (of) what Conor, all the shenanigans he’s done. And for me to go, dude, I can’t defend you is a truckload.”

With Nate defeating Pettis and Conor only fighting elderly in Irish pubs, do you think the tide has changed? Has Nate Diaz surpassed Conor McGregor as the number one star in the UFC? Let us know in the comment section below.

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