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Say ain’t so. Joe Rogan says high possibility Fedor Emelianenko was on steroids

Say ain’t so. Joe Rogan says high possibility Fedor Emelianenko was on steroids

Nothing is sacred in the ancient practice of mixing your martial arts. Fighters beating up keyboard warriors, our favorite athletes not getting the sponsor money they deserve and a wide spread performance enhancing drug culture that is swallowing the sport whole have all just happened within the first two months of 2015! Anderson Silva failing multiple drugs tests was a gut punch to the MMA community, but Fedor Emelianenko plowing past the Pride FC circuit while on the juice would be death via thousand paper cuts for the MMA-sphere.

The new theory of Fedor on PEDs comes via UFC color commentator Joe Rogan. With his love for ice cream cones and beautiful sweaters the idea of MMA GOAT’s on the sauce is a possible impossibility according to Rogan. The UFC taught us that anything can happen inside the confines of the cage, so maybe anything can happen outside the cage as well?

From Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast over the weekend

“Until you know for sure, you can’t say you know, but I would imagine the possibility is high. He looked big. Go back and look at what he looked like against Fujita. He was a thick motherfucker. He didn’t look anything like he looked when he fought Bigfoot Silva. So what happened? Did he stop lifting weights? That’s possible. Or, did he stop taking whatever the fuck he was taking? That’s possible too. He’s obviously in the pocket of some very wealthy people who would want him to do well at all costs.”

Fujita? Bigfoot? Wealthy people doing steroids?!? So many questions. It’s not like Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva, Nate Marquardt, Josh Barnett, Tim Sylvia, Allistar Overeem, Vitor Belfort, Ben Rothwell, Antonio Silva, Stephan Bonnar, and Royce Gracie have all been busted for PEDs before. They have? Well shit MMA you have them but don’t take Fedor with you!  

The Fedor discussion starts around the 2:30:00 mark of the three hour video, if you want to skip ahead.

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