Sarah Alpar Was Shocked By Jake Paul’s GoFundMe Donation: ‘Is This Real?’

UFC flyweight Sarah Alpar discusses her action to finding out that Jake Paul had donated $5,000 to help fund her fight camp expenses

Sarah Alpar Jake Paul
Photos via Instagram @jakepaul @toosweetalpar

When Sarah Alpar took to her social media to ask for help from fans, she never expected to get a donation from YouTube boxer Jake Paul. She reacted to this news, expressing the shock that she felt from his generosity. 

Alpar reached out on her Instagram to let fans know that she had started a GoFundMe, to help pay for expenses after having several fights fall through. Little did she know that this would turn into her getting $5,000 from Paul, and an additional $25,000 from Triller.

Speaking in a recent interview with Jimmy Smith, Sarah discussed her surprise to see the donation from the younger Paul brother. Here she explained that she did not even believe it was real at first, then equated it to being talked to by the most popular person in high school.

“The whole thing, even when I woke up and saw my Instagram, I didn’t think it was real. I was like ‘Oh, okay it’s a fan page.’ Then I look at the little checkmark thingy, and I was like ‘Okay, I clicked on it.’ He was like ‘Hey Sarah,’ and I asked him ‘Is this real?'” Alpar said with a laugh.

“‘You found me, little old Sarah ‘Too Sweet’ Alpar from Oklahoma, like I’m a nobody. You’re talking to me? I exist?’ I felt like the high school girl that the most popular kid in school was like ‘Hey what’s up?’ So yeah, it was surreal.”

Using Sarah Alpar To Send A Message

As amazing of a help as Jake Paul’s and Triller’s actions have been for Sarah Alpar, it is hard to ignore their ulterior motive. Both parties used their donation to send a message to the UFC about the lack of fighter pay.

When Jake donated, he posted to Twitter about how fighters competing in the top promotion in the world should not have to worry and struggle to live. Of course, the war of words between Dana White and Triller, particularly over pay concerns, has been well documented.

That being said, it is undeniable that both Jake Paul and Triller were incredibly generous to Sarah Alpar. It is a great thing that she was able to reach her goal and have that weight removed from her shoulders.

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