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Santa Mark Hunt is the best Mark Hunt

Santa Mark Hunt is the best Mark Hunt

Santa Mark Hunt could solve the problems of 90% of every Christmas movie ever made. Would the Grinch really try to steal Christmas if Santa Mark Hunt was waiting for him by the fireplace? Santa Hunt via walkoff KO under the Christmas tree. Why would Ralphie want a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle when he could get a Fight Pass subscription to watch Mark Hunt fights all December long? No impressionable child has ever shot his eye because of UFC Fight Pass.

Santa Mark Hunt sees you when you’re sleeping. Hunt sneaks to your window with his Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays sign and watches you sleep. Santa Mark Hunt knows when you’re awake because thats when you let him in your house after he gazed at you through your window. Santa Mark Hunt knows if you’ve been bad or good because you’re always bugging him on Twitter for a birthday, baby baptism, sweet 16, or you just did extra cardio at the gym shout out from the Super Samoan.

Whatever you do be good for goodness sake! Look deep into Santa Mark Hunt’s cheerful eyes. The true meaning of Christmas exists somewhere deep within the eyes of MMA’s favorite five foot ten heavyweight human highlight reel. Don’t disappoint Santa Mark Hunt this Holiday season.

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