Sage Northcutt Wins Zak Ottow Via Tremendous Second-Round TKO!

Sage Northcutt Surprisingly Defeats Zak Ottow Via KO On The Ground!

We are watching live the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 133, where Sage Northcutt looks for the chance to defeat highly dedicated fighter Zak Ottow.

Sage Northcutt (10-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) is known for very attractive techniques and impressive explosiveness. He demonstrates the power of Karate with ease. He started as a young sensation and was undefeated in Lightweight and Welterweight division. He is only 22 years old and enters this match with two victories in last two matches over Thibault Gouti and Michel Quinones.

Zak Ottow (16-5 MMA, 3-2 UFC) is a fighter who trains three times per day and gives everything he has to mixed martial arts. The biggest victory of his career came when he demolished Mike Pyle in the first round at UFC 222. Can he ruin planes to Sage Northcutt too?

Round 1

Surprising Knock Down!

A surprising start – Ottow drops Northcutt with an opening overhand right! Ottow lands in the half guard and Sage looks stunned, will the fight be over before it started? But Sage Northcutt lands an upkick that nearly rocks Ottow and recovers, what a magic kid!

Ottow lands into side control keeping the position for around one minute, fighting for position. He then gets a mount but Northcutt defends well and Ottow ends up in the half guard. Northcutt tries to stand up but grabs the guillotine instead. Ottow uses his strength and cardio as a superb weapon and defends well.

Northcutt tries for an armbar but this is very hard versus BJJ specialist. Ottow stacks up and goes to the full mount but Northcutt defends with an ease again. Sage is able to get up and land the knee to the body and goes forward raining combinations. It is obvious Ottow has nothing to do in the stand-up but his ground performances are perfect! Zak again goes for a takedown and Northcutt defends with a guillotine choke attempt as the referee breaks them up.

The end of the round, probably a victory for Ottow.

Round 2

Northcutt attempting kicks but Ottow is ready!

Leg Grab!

Ottow grabs Northcutt’s leg after an unsuccessful sidekick and goes for a takedown! Northcutt is against the cage while Ottow rains a barrage of punches. Northcutt delivers a tremendous back elbow and gets back to his feet in the style of Phoenix!

Short right hand by Northcutt Ottow looks stunned but he recovers. Ottow shoots in again and Northcutt ends on the fence trying to defend. Sage with a tremendous reversal and a wonderful left hand to prevent the attack, Ottow in trouble! What a tremendous jab by Northcutt and Ottow is down, is he rocked?

Zak grabs Sage’s wrist trying to recover and get additional seconds for his balance center in the cerebellum.

Critical Error!

Ottow tries to go for a low single but this is a big mistake and Northcutt delivers punches… Ottow in a big trouble… The referee stops the fight! Knockout victory for Sage Northcutt via hammer fists in the second round!

Check out the action below:

Final Result: Sage Northcutt wins Zak Ottow via knockout (punches)

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