Video: Ryan Hall Made Hannibal Buress Laugh and Gray Maynard Flip Him Off Last Night

Last night Ryan Hall pissed off a lot of people who just wanted punch fight stuff, one of those guys was his opponent Gray Maynard who just didn’t have any idea what to do when Hall launched himself in constantly with Masakazu Imanari entries. As soon as it looked like Maynard smelled a bad fart, Hall would shrug, pop up, and kick him in the head.

Maynard just looked down at him like he was a puzzle in an RPG game and his mom didn’t buy him the strategy guide because she was like, I’m not buying you a book for a game that when you beat both the game and the book will be useless. Combined with the game, that’s like, a hundred bucks or something. That’s ridiculous and so was that tangent, as well as Hall’s performance. The whole thing was so wild, comedian Hannibal Buress had to share it with the internet.

In case you missed it above during Buress’ footage, Hall waved Maynard down to the ground and Maynard was like, yo, fuck that homie and fuck your whole strategy. Literally. Dude flipped Hall off and UFC on Fox tried to censor it but were probably distracted by Hall’s monkey rolling too, which is still funny even to those who know Hall is a seriously high level grappler.

Hall ended up winning because he kept kicking Maynard upside his head then somersaulting in like a secret agent man to grab his legs and Maynard got angry and confused like a caveman who wouldn’t engage. When the decision was announced, Hall basically was the living epitome of a “U MAD BRO?” meme. Awesome.


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