Ryan Bader makes a funny on Cain Velasquez’s UFC Summit satisfaction survey

Have you ever been to one of those mandatory teambuilding or supposedly morale boosting work seminars? You know, the ones where you are forced to sit in a room amongst 200 of your coworkers and listen to people read verbatim and monotone every single unecessary word on every single power point slide for three hours straight. Then they pass out random useless junk with the company logo on it-like mini rulers or squishy stress balls, that only end up cluttering your office desk drawers.

There’s always that one overly enthusiastic colleague who asks far too many questions and another person who goes off on a completely irrelevant tangent story about their personal experience that no one in the place cares to listen to at all. Those two people always screw up the chances of leaving and heading home early and make the rest of the room contemplate slapping the both of them upside the head with that stupid mini ruler sitting in front of them.

At the end, there’s a satisfaction survey passed out that no one ever has the cahones to be honest about and tell the bosses just how much the stupid seminar sucked or where they can shove their logo emblazoned stress ball the next time they even think about making everyone attend one of these functions. Instead everyone just checks the box for ‘good’ on every question and goes home.

Things go pretty much the same way at the UFC Fighter Summit it seems and apparently Cain Valasquez was out of his seat when the satisfaction surveys were passed out, so Ryan Bader decided to help his buddy Cain fill out the survey and posted a copy of it on his Twitter. The ending comments are golden.  


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