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Ryan Bader disheartened over getting skipped for title shot, also delusional

Ryan Bader disheartened over getting skipped for title shot, also delusional

Dear Ryan Bader,

No one knows who you are. I know you may have a social media following, but honestly, even then, no one knows who you are. That’s after years in the UFC, winning TUF and beating some big stars. The fact of the matter is that this is a harsh fucking business man. It sucks that you got passed over for a title shot to a guy coming off a loss, but it sucks even more that you think you deserved a title shot with four boring ass decision wins over 1 contender and three people no one else knows. 

It’s just the way it is. You know it too. You tried to start shit and ruin Daniel Cormier’s big day in doing so, but you got shut down. This is what happens when your haircut and tattoos are the most noticeable things about you. Now, I’m not trying to be harsh, but why don’t you knock a few people out, try to be interesting and then try again after you pass GO? Maybe you can get a title shot then. Just let it be known that if you win a UFC title it will be on par with Dave Menne. Who? Yep.

“It’s a little disheartening, but it’s also educational in understanding that winning isn’t necessarily everything in MMA,” Ryan Bader‘s manager David Martin told FOX Sports on Thursday. “Entertainment clearly is the most important factor and it’s something I’m going to have to discuss with a number of my fighters who come from wrestling backgrounds where winning is the only thing that matters.”

“I’m not fighting for the title next, that’s all I know,” Bader said while declining any further comment.

This is showbusiness. Show something and make some business happen.

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